Key Skills Education

Key Skills Training aims to provide awareness on six basic skills for employment required in international working area. Regardless to one’s country and working area, there are basic skills necessary to be one step forward in labor market. These are:

  • Effective Communication,
  • Language Abilities,
  • Teamwork,
  • Numeric Abilities,
  • Self Development,
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
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About Training

  • Regardless of the field of education or business, it is the skill that anyone who wants to continue to work life after university education or university life should have. These skills are developable, comprehensive and transferable skills. 21st century leadership skills; “Self-improvement, effective communication, teamwork, problem solving, and the use of information technology.” The training of these skills should be pursued with a participatory, educated mentality. In these trainings, instead of the methods determined by the teacher, teaching techniques are applied which center the participants and support their learning ‘by living’. Participants are trained in environments where they are able to communicate with each other as opposed to artificial and limited learning environments, away from classical educational understanding while learning these skills, and are able to identify with their own lives what they are able to learn and learn about teamwork. Participants in this way complete our trainings as individuals who are not in the training audience but who are in training, have fun while they are studying, and have gained experience that will make meaningful changes in their lives as a result of the training. For this reason, while 21st Century Leadership Skills training is being applied, active, fun, and participatory teaching methodologies are preferred in international education institutions.

Training Content


Individual Features
Physical Properties
Mental Characteristics
Mental Characteristics
Self Development
Developing Personal Qualities
Developing Interests and Talents
Ways of Expressing Self
Developing Competencies

Participants who received this training; To better identify and discover themselves psychologically and physically. It is aimed that the participants have the potential to reveal themselves and to express themselves better and to be the individuals who can lead the masses they have in order to attain the targets that they determine in accordance with them.


After this training,

It is expected that they better identify themselves psychologically and physically.
They are expected to recognize and know their emotions, thoughts, desires and needs, strengths and weaknesses, goals and values, talents and skills.
It is expected that they should have the ability to plan the development process as to where to start and how to participate in the development process.
It is expected that they will determine their goals and the importance of the effort they will put forth for these goals.
A more militaristic approach to the problems is expected to emulate and motivate.
They are expected to express themselves better.
They are expected to design a development process in this direction by identifying their interests and talents during their development process.
They are expected to realize that they need innovation and vision for the knowledge they possess and the skills they possess.


Types of Effective Communication
Internal Communication
Written communication
Oral Communication
Active Listening – Effective Speaking
You Dili – I Dili
Negotiation Techniques – Persuasion
Talking to the Community
Effective Presentation Techniques
Non-verbal communication
Body Language
Communication tools
Cognitive, Audiovisual, Telecommunication, Kali-graphic, Organization and Artistic Communication Tools
Effective Communication Engines
Effective Communication Ways and Methods

This training aims to contribute to the development of participants’ communication skills and to making them more successful and effective in their business and social lives.


After this training,

Communication skills are expected to develop and gain new perspectives.
It is expected that the importance of effective communication in business life and social life is important.
They are expected to develop effective presentation skills.
It is expected that they will recognize the change in communication styles in tense situations and crisis situations and develop an effective communication attitude.
It is expected that they will recognize their communication styles with their pluses and minuses.
It is expected that they will have the capacity to identify different communication styles that can be encountered and to create new communication channels for this.
It is expected that communication is an activity and quality issue.
They are expected to gain the ability to communicate “confidently” without being aggressive or passive.
It is expected to develop clear and clear speech methods.
Listeners are expected to catch the points that will meet their expectation and acquire the communication skills that will make them persuasive and keep their attention constantly.
It is expected to improve their personal performances in a positive way and to acquire methods of joining to improve team performance.


Team Building
Team Awareness
Effective Communication in Team Work
Benefits of Teamwork
Designing Events
Organization Management
Leadership and Leadership Features
Democratic Participation in the Team

It is aimed to increase participants’ awareness of issues such as designing appropriate organization, organization, developing leadership skills and providing motivation within the team by providing the most accurate and effective approach to use in this training and team building or inclusion process in business life.


After this training,

They are expected to increase their proficiency in team building process.
It is expected that the ability to work together or develop together within the team they have created or are involved in is expected to develop.
They are expected to master the common language and communication skills that must be provided in team work.
In the process of event planning, it is expected to acquire technical information and new approaches in business planning, organization management, organization management.
It is expected to develop the mission through the concept of leadership by contributing to the development of leadership skills.
It is expected that the team will take initiative and gain responsibility.
It is expected that they will develop the ideal approach and necessary individual attitude to provide motivation within the team.
They are expected to learn different working methods for team work.
It is expected that they will gain the awareness that individual expectations are in the service of common purpose in business life.
It is expected that they will contribute to the accumulation of know-how on monitoring and evaluation during the organization process.
They are expected to develop awareness of active participation in co-operative cultural development and decision-making mechanisms.


Structure of Problem
Problem Solving Methods
Classification of Problem Solving Methods and Techniques
Techniques of Intellectual Production
Continuous Improvement Techniques
Problem Analysis Techniques
Recommendations / Reasons Prioritization Techniques
Decision Making Techniques
Data Collection, Data Analysis and Evaluation Techniques
Stress Management
Time management
Risk Analysis and Management
Crisis management

This training aims to develop participants’ decision-making competencies and the ability to use high-level cognitive functions such as analysis, generalization and synthesis in problem-solving methods that they can use for life, as well as skills in stress, time and crisis management. It is also aimed at improving the competence of the participants in the areas of stress management, time management and crisis management in the sense of individual development, as well as learning different analysis and evaluation techniques.


After this training,

They are expected to learn problem identification, risk analysis and problem solving techniques.
They are expected to learn the stages of the problem-solving process.
It is expected to gain a solution-oriented approach instead of a problem-oriented approach.
Students are expected to learn different approaches and techniques in bringing together problem-solving and knowledgeable people and developing solutions.
Individuals are expected to increase their level of awareness about stress management and contribute to their personal development.
Brain storms are expected to increase the ability to reach different solutions.
It is expected to increase their level of readiness against negativities in individual and business life by providing learning to do risk analysis.
They are expected to learn to make a sudden and correct decision by gaining analytical thinking skills.
It is expected to gain a result-oriented approach in business processes by giving time effective and productive skills.


The Importance of Information Technologies
Developments in Information Technology
Use of Information Technologies in Education Sector
Social Media Literacy
Media Ethics and Ethics in Social Media
Providing Accurate and Effective Content
Corporate Reputation Management

With this training, it is possible to make the right decision to use information technologies in place, to make planning while using information technologies, to have the necessary skills to use these technologies, to access information from these sources, to separate the scanned information, to analyze the separated information, to select the beneficiaries, To arrive at appropriate skills, to arrive at the appropriate form, and to use them in new areas.


After this training,

Information technology is expected to learn about the development and prospects.
It is expected that information technology will be informed about the future and to set a vision in that direction.
They are expected to be informed about how to use information technologies in their training and project activities.
It is expected that they will learn how to use information technologies effectively in order to disseminate and promote the activities being done and to be done.
It is expected that the importance of social media and learning about where, what purpose and how to use existing social media tools.
It is expected that the awareness about the risks existing in the social media will increase.
They are expected to have knowledge about corporate account management.
Competence in writing effective content in social media is expected to increase.
It is expected that they will learn to develop business cooperation between institutions through information technology.
They are expected to learn how to integrate information technology tools into different learning environments.
They are expected to learn about data analysis, archiving and sharing using computer technologies.

Registration - Certificate - Duration

Eğitimin Süresi: 2 Gün (16 saat)

Sertifika: Eğitim sonunda katılımcılara katılım sertifikası verilmektedir.

Eğitim Bedeli (KDV dahil): 280 TL

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